MedForest 360

Sustainable Forest Management Projects in Mediterranean Forests, financed by Public and Private Organisations.

There are currently insufficient resources for the management of forests, which means that most of them are not managed at all; in Barcelona only, less than 10% of the forest area is managed. There is also the underlying danger of fires, which, accentuated by the effects of climate change, is increasing year after year.

Business model

The business model proposed by Nactiva consists of Private and/or Public organisations, with the support of Investors, agreeing with Rural Landowners to finance the Forest Management of minimum blocks of 500Ha (which are entrusted to local companies). This future income generated by the products and ecosystem services of the forest (either by sale in markets and/or by compensation of environmental footprints), as well as the reputational benefits of the intervention in the territory, will be shared between the landowners and the entities involved.


What is the expected benefit impact after activation?

  • Wood procurement
  • Biomass Generation
  • Capture of forest products
  • CO2 sequestration
  • Water Recovery
  • Fire Mitigation
  • Biodiversity Preservation
  • Rural Economic Development
  • Tourism and Leisure Business Development


Which organisations can be involved?

This program is perfect for creating synergies and collaborations with all types of entities, including:

  • Private Companies: Companies in need of offsetting, biomass/wood buyers, commitment to the territory/community, etc.
  • Investors: Climate and/or Impact Funds, Public Administrations, Philanthropy, etc.
  • Rural Landowners: BOSCAT, Provincial Councils, Town Councils, CPF, etc.
  • Technical Partners: CTFC, CREAF, etc.
  • Public sector and non-profit organisations: Provincial Councils, EU Funds, Town Councils, MITECO, Foundations, etc.


  • Phase 1

    Proof of Concept Structuring.

  • Phase 2

    Test Concept implementation 50Ha.

  • Phase 3

    Capture Investment and Extension of min. 500Ha


Sierra de Collserola Barcelona

Castellar del Valles Barcelona

Aiguamurcia Tarragona

Garraf/Montes del Llobregat Barcelona