Development and implementation of a model of port concessions for the regeneration of marine biodiversity.

The Mediterranean represents 1% of the marine surface and is home to 18% of all known marine species. Spain is the 2nd country in the European Union with the greatest marine biodiversity, which is why Nactiva is promoting this biodiversity protection program for the coastal coastline.

Business model

The business model proposed by Nactiva consists of encouraging commercial ports and marinas to grant concessions to companies for the implementation of marine biodiversity regeneration systems in all their infrastructures, regenerating marine life and transforming ports into eco-proactive spaces.

In turn, the Ecosystem Services generated (environmental credits – impact compensation, ESG commitments, CO2 capture, tourism and leisure, etc.) are monetised by the concessionary companies in full or shared with the Port Authorities and/or Private Owners.

What impact in terms of benefits is expected after activation?

  • Biodiversity recovery
  • Regeneration of marine forests
  • Preservation of marine life
  • Improvement of water quality
  • CO2 sequestration
  • Development of a new replicable and exportable concession model.
  • Boosting Tourism and Leisure


Which organisations can be involved?

This program is perfect for creating synergies and collaborations with all kinds of entities, including:

  • Private Companies: Concessionaires, Port Terminals, Engineering, Construction, Cement, Marinas and Marinas, etc.
  • Technical Partners: SEAREG Foundation, Seastainable Ventures, Ocean Ecostructures, World Ocean Council, etc.
  • Public Sector: State Ports, Port Authorities, Town Councils, etc.
  • Public Subsidies: State Ports, European Funds, MITECO, etc.



  • Phase 1

    Design of Pilot Tests and Port Selection

  • Phase 2

    Implementation of Pilot Tests in 3-4 Ports

  • Phase 3

    Development / Launch of the Concession Model


Marina Palamós*

Club Náutico Estartit*

Marina Puerto Banus*

Marina Vilanova*

CV Blanes*

AP Barcelona*

AP Tarragona*

*Proyectos impulsados por la Fundación SEAREG y en constante colaboración.

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