Technified and regenerative proximity farming program

Development of an integrated value chain for the production, processing and distribution of Mediterranean vegetable protein products.

In general, local farmers own hectares that are more than 60 years old, and the lack of investment, which reduces productivity. Nevertheless, there is a growing demand for local and KM0 production, these products not only contribute to the local economy but also improve the agricultural area around the big cities.

Business model

The business model encourages long-term agreements between agricultural service companies (new generation or already existing) and vegetable farmers’ groups located in the surroundings of large Metropolitan Areas. The service companies transfer investment, innovation and distribution capacity to the farmers, adjusting supply to local demand (minimising losses) and distribute the product to local consumers through multiple channels (on-line, retail shops, wholesale distribution).


What is the expected benefit impact after activation?

  • Sustainable and local products
  • CO2 savings in Transport
  • Improved soil quality
  • Increased Biodiversity
  • Reduction of water consumption
  • Generation of rural employment
  • Increased agricultural profitability
  • New farms
  • Investment in technology
  • Export of surpluses to EU


Which organisations are likely to be involved?

This program is perfect for creating synergies and collaborations with all kinds of entities, among them:

  • Corporate Investors: Distribution, agricultural producers, energy, water, logistics, services, inputs, technology, etc.

  • Partners in the Territory: Cooperatives, farmers, agricultural parks, town councils, provincial councils, Metropolitan Area entities, etc.

  • Technical Partners: IRTA, companies in the sector, universities, consultancy firms, etc.

  • Public sector and non-profit organisations: Generalitat Catalunya, Diputació BCN, EU Funds, etc.


  • Phase 1

    Pilot Test Design (15-20Ha) and Structuring

  • Phase 2

    Pilot Test Implementation and Expansion Plan

  • Phase 3

    Expansion of the Model at each location min. 50Ha


Gavá – (Parc Agrari Llobregat)



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