About Nactiva

What is Nactiva?

Nactiva designs, accelerates and obtains funding (public, private, philanthropic) to promote the implementation of initiatives and projects for the activation of natural capital in the Mediterranean region, connecting key actors to promote the development of business projects with a cross-cutting impact objective with scale and value generation.

As a collective platform it integrates all types of private, technical, academic and institutional actors to foster cooperation in order to accelerate and maximize impact, promote scalability and replicability of solutions, reduce risks, and share investments.

Nactiva is an innovative instrument capable of catalyzing the development of the natural capital market for the protection and regeneration of the Mediterranean. And it does so with a long-term impact strategy acting on the main sectors of activity and with the vision of transforming our economy into a regenerative model.


Nactiva was born with the purpose of increasing and improving the health of the natural capital in the Mediterranean: water, air, forests, biodiversity, climate, etc.


Nactiva is the first natural capital Market Builder in Europe, an innovative initiative with a long-term impact with the objective of:
  • Create transformative, replicable and scalable enterprises and projects.
  • Help form the key instruments for their growth: new businesses, corporate sustainability projects, labor market, capital and investment market, public projects, new regulations, rural property market, etc.
  • Putting natural capital on the public agenda.

Collective Platform

Nactiva’s operating model is an open and collaborative model, in which we work with companies, entrepreneurs, scientific institutions, public administrations and NGOs in the territory that contribute their assets, whether material, economic or know-how, for the protection and regeneration of natural capital.