Nactiva COAST

Why the coastline?

The Mediterranean sea is one of the world’s main biodiversity hotspots.

  • Current industrial activity is causing the Mediterranean to warm 20 degrees faster than the global average, already 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.
  • We have lost 38% of posidonia meadows and other endemic species, such as the nacre (99%), a mollusc that purifies water.
  • Spain is the second country that discharges the most plastic into the Mediterranean with 125t/day. The most micro-plastic polluted beach in Europe is in Catalonia (La Pineda).
The Litoral program includes projects for the regeneration of marine biodiversity (flora and fauna) as well as coastal protection and conservation initiatives.
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Waste management on the coast
  • Sustainable use of the coastline
  • Implementation of ecotourism
  • Enhancing the blue economy (tourism, fisheries, biotechnology, maritime trade, etc.)

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