Hub Llobregat

Transformation of the Industrial Colonies of the Llobregat River into a Hub for R&D in Natural Capital, tourism/leisure, education and wellness.

The central Llobregat basin has 34 former textile colonies. Most of them are no longer in use. At the same time, it is an area of depopulation. This program aims to recover life and activity around the river, and to do so by recovering historical heritage and in a sustainable way.

Business Model

The business model proposed by Nactiva is based on the constitution of a company promoting the Project which, in alliance with the public and/or private owners of the industrial colonies, can attract the necessary investment for their remodelling and environmental interventions.

This is achieved through the rental of the assets to different businesses (+D, tourism, leisure, wellness, education, etc.) and the concession of ecosystem regeneration projects to companies specialising in the sector (greenways, renewable energies, agriculture, etc.).

What is the expected benefit impact after activation?

  • Asset Recovery
  • Regional Economic Development
  • The Regeneration of Riverside Forests
  • Water and Flow Recovery
  • Regenerative Agricultural Production
  • The Development of Greenways
  • Attraction of Talent
  • 100% Renewable Energy Generation
  • Promotion of Tourism and Leisure Businesses
  • Promotion of Education and Wellness Businesses

Which organisations are likely to be involved?

This program is perfect for creating synergies and collaborations with all types of entities, including:

  • Private Companies: Financial Sector, Construction Companies, Concessionaires, Energy, Natural Resources Buyers, Tourism, Leisure, Incubators, Education.
  • Partners in the Territory: City Councils, Property Owners, Berguedà and Bages County Councils, Barcelona Provincial Council.
  • Technical Partners: Ship2B, Centre for the Study of Mediterranean Rivers, Universities, etc.
  • Public sector and non-profit organisations: Barcelona Provincial Council, EU Funds, MITECO, Foundations, etc.


  • Phase 1

    Strategic Project Design / Structuring

  • Phase 2

    Proof and Concept in 1-2 Industrial Colonies.

  • Phase 3

    Model Expansion, 10-year plan


Cal Pons Puigreig*

*este proyecto fue iniciado por la Fundación Cellnex.

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