How we work

Nactiva’s Structure


To create the necessary ecosystem to accelerate the development of the natural capital market in the Mediterranean, Nactiva has created a structure formed by a Technical Office for projects and three Funding offices: Private, Public and Philanthropic.

Nactiva works with an open and collaborative operational model with the rest of the actors involved in the territory: companies, entrepreneurs, scientific institutions, public administrations and NGOs.

    • Technical Office: is responsible for the management of Nactiva from two areas, a central area that is responsible for the generation of partnerships and the technical direction of the platform, from where projects are identified, prioritized and structured and results are monitored and measured; and four technical teams, one for each thematic area (forests, water, land and coast), which in addition to contributing to the conceptual design of projects, are responsible for identifying opportunities for collaboration and closing agreements.
    • Private Financing Office: formed by experts in impact investment to finance innovative and integral projects from a social and environmental point of view, it is in charge of identifying and attracting private investors with interest in natural capital, both national and international.
    • Public Funding Office and EU Funds: responsible for identifying opportunities for Next Generation Funds, state and regional grants, monitoring calls for proposals, public tenders and relevant regulations, and identifying intermediate bodies, among other tasks.
    • Philanthropy Office and Family Offices: created with the aim of boosting social action among companies, individuals and NGOs, it identifies sources of philanthropic funding with an interest in natural capital.

In addition, Nactiva aims to be a reference center in natural capital for its excellence and a hub of knowledge that through the exchange and dissemination of information helps to generate a favorable environment and context for the creation of a natural capital market in the Mediterranean in which the public sector and society are also involved.


What makes us unique

Project design and acceleration

Through its technical office, led by Palladium, Nactiva identifies, evaluates, designs, accelerates and monitors the results of natural capital activation projects in order to promote their implementation.

Key players connector

Nactiva connects and integrates all the economic and social actors involved in natural capital to promote efficient cooperation models that allow the generation of impactful projects and maximize their results by combining efforts and investments.


Nactiva has a triple financial desk (private, public funds and philanthropy) to raise the necessary funds for the development of the projects.

Knowledge generation

Nactiva promotes the exchange of knowledge and the joint development of research to generate a favorable environment and context for the creation of a natural capital market in the Mediterranean.