Joachim Englert

Social Forest Coordinator at Boscat

Joachim Englert is coordinator of the Social Forest of Boscat, the Catalan Federation of Forest Owners’ Associations, dedicated to the promotion of sustainable and joint forest management to adapt Mediterranean forests to climate change and prevent forest fires. It works to build bridges between society and the forest through teambuilding activities in nature, environmental volunteering, wellbeing and health, and training and empowerment of young people at risk of social exclusion to make a living from the forest. He accompanies companies in their transition towards a more sustainable economy by involving them in the active management of the territory. His grandfather awakened his vocation for forests. Of German origin, he graduated in Forestry Engineering at the University of Rottenburg (Germany), has an international postgraduate degree in Social Entrepreneurship and Land Development from the University of Vic and participated in the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative Course at IESE Business School. He is the founder of SocialForest, which has won several awards and developed the forest coaching methodology.  He specialised in social and environmental sustainability.