Álvaro Poo

Forest specialist of Nactiva


Álvaro Poo has been an associate consultant in the area of natural resources for Palladium since 2023, initially contributing to the implementation of the Medforest360 Programme.

He trained as a Forestry Engineer (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile) and then completed a Master’s degree in Ecology, Management and Restoration of the Natural Environment (University of Barcelona).

He has developed his professional career in the insular Patagonia and central Chile, linked to NGOs, as a consultant for public and private entities, participating in research teams and social entrepreneurship initiatives. In recent years he has been living in Catalonia, participating in research at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya through the Pyrolife project. These experiences have been shaping a multidisciplinary profile around issues such as conservation and restoration of ecosystems, rural land management, agricultural heritage and innovation, extensive livestock farming and forest fire risk management.