Josep Papió

Cofundador of AKIS International and E-Stratos Geosystems. Integral agricultural consultant.

Josep Papió holds a degree in Agricultural Engineering, specialising in crop production, from the University of Lleida, and a Masters in Management and Innovation in the Agri-Food Industry from the same university. Since 2013, as co-founder of AKIS International, he has worked extensively as a consultant in international cooperation projects, in the practical and direct training of farmers and workers in the development and innovation of the use of plant protection products, and as a field technician in the development of pest control strategies and the management of irrigation water and fertilisers. Coming from a farming family, his great motivation has always been to build bridges between technology and the primary sector, and early in his career he was involved in numerous university research projects aimed at improving the efficiency of the use of resources such as water and fertilisers, and the integral mechanisation of farms to optimise their production, the results of which he has reflected in extensive publications.